Reaction to Gibbons' Veto Threat

There has been some predictable reaction to Governor Gibbons' threat of a budget veto if the spending plan includes any tax increases or doesn't include some of his priorities.

Senate Minority Leader Dina Titus says lawmakers have bigger priorities and if Gibbons' priorities are so small, then "let him veto."

Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley says Gibbons is wrong in taking
a "my way or the highway" approach. Regarding Gibbons' priorities, she adds "I don't remember waking up in the morning and thinking of some of the things on that list as some of the top priorities."

Assembly Minority Leader Garn Mabey says he wouldn't have made a
veto threat. He also says there's a possibility that if the Senate and Assembly agree on a budget plan that a veto by the governor would be overridden.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Raggio says he understands the governor's concerns and he's supportive of the issues Gibbons raised. He adds "That's his right to veto if he chooses."

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