Highway Fire Makes Homeowners Nervous

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We visited the area just above Gold Ranch, where dozens of homes are nestled in the valley, just yards from the flames.

Firefighters told Gary Kayebader his home was safe from the flames...but as the smoke grew thicker, his wife, Leta, began to panic.

She rounded up their three dogs, while Gary packed up the car with valuables.

Leta says that amongst all the chaos, she tried to stay calm... and busy.

"I got nervous so I started baking cookies. There's no way I could take everything out of here anyway. Everybody's got duplicates of our pictures so I didn't worry about the pictures. I just figured i'd take the safe and our dogs."

The family told us that if the wind shifted, and the flames began to travel toward their home, they would abandon it...and save their own lives.

A California firefighter we spoke with earlier says that area of town is prone to wildfires...and if this blaze is any indication of the future of this fire season, the Kayebader's could be in this for the long haul.