Groups Opposed To Bush Registering Voters

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A coalition of local and national groups working to defeat President Bush launched a voter registration drive Saturday in Reno and Las Vegas.

Scores of volunteers took part in a door-to-door neighborhood drive focusing on young people, gays and lesbians, blacks and Hispanics.

Organizers said similar efforts were launched Saturday in 16 other battleground states that could help decide the presidential election.

The coalition includes the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, Nevada Young Activist Project, League of Independent Voters, local NAACP chapters and the Citizenship Project.

The six-month voter registration drive is partly sponsored by America Coming Together, a nonprofit political interest group working to defeat Bush in November.

It's also part of a national effort sponsored by America Votes, a coalition of national organizations that support issues such as labor, education, the environment and civil rights.

The drive is targeting voters who would vote for progressive candidates, said Carrie Sandstedt, America Coming Together's deputy director for Nevada.

"We want to make a difference up and down the ticket," she said. "We want to take back the White House and give America back to Americans."

Nevada Young Activist Project spokeswoman Inger McDowell said the effort is focusing on "people who in the past have been under-represented on the voter rolls."