Reid Says Congress Won't Give up Trying to Pull Troops from Iraq

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RENO (AP) - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid today said that
Congress will NOT give up on the fight to withdraw U-S troops from
Iraq even if President Bush ends up signing a war spending bill
without the pullout provision.

Speaking to reporters after delivering the commencement address
at the University of Nevada, Reno, Reid said the issue would resurface when Congress considers an upcoming defense authorization bill.

The Nevada Democrat's comments came a day after the White House
and Congress reached an impasse over a supplemental appropriations
bill that Democrats said should set a date for U-S troops to leave.
The bill would fund the troops until October first.

Reid says he's still hoping for passage of the Feingold-Reid Amendment, which would withdraw troops by April first. If that fails, he predicted troops would be out of Iraq by the 2008 presidential election.

Citing concerns over two of its key provisions, Reid says the chances are 50-50 that overhaul immigration legislation would pass the Senate.

He criticized portions of a plan to create a new temporary guest worker program and a provision to change the rules governing automatic family reunification.

In his speech at U-N-R, Reid extolled the virtues of public service and urged graduates to give back to their communities. He also joked that he was in the top one-third of his eighth grade graduating class in his hometown of Searchlight

The class had six students.

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