Legislative Budget Panel OKs Nevada Prison Budget

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CARSON CITY (AP) - A legislative budget panel has endorsed a 600
(m) million-dollar-plus Nevada prisons budget that anticipates savings from releasing more prisoners who earn good-time credits - but much of that savings will pay for more parole officers to supervise them.

Assemblyman David Parks, a co-chairman of the panel, says that even if giving good-time credits does help the state get its prison population under control, the savings won't as be great as originally thought.

Current projections call for a state prison population of just over 14-thousand by 2009. If lawmakers vote to pass the good-time and program credits currently being discussed, the state could hold about 15-hundred fewer inmates by that point.

The approval by the Senate-Assembly budget subcommittee sends the budget to the full budget committees in each house. The prison budget is a key element of a nearly seven (b) billion-dollar, two-year budget being finalized by lawmakers.

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