Annual Invasion of Mormon Crickets Keeps Experts Hopping

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RENO, Nev. (AP) - The annual infestation of Mormon crickets is well under way across northern Nevada and while entomologists think
they are slowing the spread east of Reno, they say the bugs are
winning the war around Elko.

Using a pesticide as ground bait, scientists have spent the past three days trying to stop their westward movement in the Patrick area along Interstate-80.

State entomologist Jeff Knight says they think they have been

Not so in the east, where Knight says the biggest concentrations
seem to have developed. He says the state has done aerial treatments near the Ruby marshes and south of Elko.

Mormon crickets are actually grasshoppers that reach two inches in length or more as adults. They swarm in groups up to the thousands, eating everything in sight, including each other.

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