Nevada Soldier Among 4 Missing in Iraq

His family did not wish to speak on camera, but they describe 23-year-old Anthony Schober as a typical kid, who enjoyed playing with transformers and video games when he was a boy. As he grew older it became his ambition to fight the Taliban.

Anthony Schober enjoyed being a soldier. He moved up through the ranks quickly, achieving the rank of sargent in just four years of service.

As part of the 10th mountain division out of Fort Drum New York he served three tours in iraq and re-enlisted late last year. Over the weekend he was captured in an ambush.

Initially the family had been informed by the Department of Defense that Anthony had been killed, but then the statement was corrected to say he was in fact missing.

The family says they are hoping for the best, but for now they are stuck in limbo waiting for word of Anthony's true fate.

Anthony Schober moved to Gardenerville with his family as a teen.

His sophomore and junior years were spent at Douglas High School, but he was eager to experience life outside of the small town. he got his "G.E.D" and enlisted in the army when he was just 17 years old.

It was a career he has enjoyed and one that will hopefully not be cut short. Schober's mother still lives in the area, he also has two sisters living in Carson City and a Grandmother and Grandfather in the Minden area.