Fallon Teacher Accused of Showing Up Drunk Under Investigation

A female Churchill County High School teacher accused of showing up intoxicated at school is under investigation, officials said.

Dave Ash, a school board trustee, said he first learned of the April 20 incident on a blog he set up to allow residents to comment on school district issues.

"The teacher was escorted home because it would have been a danger to send her on her way alone," he told the Lahontan Valley
News & Fallon Eagle Standard newspaper.

Fallon Police Chief Russ Brooks said a police officer escorted the teacher off campus after a request from school authorities.

The teacher, whose name has not been released, failed a preliminary breath test to determine if she was under the influence of alcohol, Brooks said.

The chief would not reveal the actual reading, saying the department records the results only as "pass" or "fail."

"We provided a ride to a teacher with an administrator - a ride home," Brooks said. "We know that at the time she was above the legal limit."

The legal limit for drunken driving in Nevada is a .08 blood alcohol level.

Churchill High Principal John Riley declined to comment, citing confidentiality provisions regarding personnel matters.

District Superintendent Carolyn Ross did not return phone calls seeking comment.

Under the district's drug and alcohol testing policy, employees can be placed on investigative suspension pending test results.

If test results are positive, the employee must pass a drug or alcohol test before returning to work.

Some students expressed concern over the incident.

"(If a student brings alcohol) to school we can get expelled for it and don't get a second chance. How is that supposed to set an example if adults do it?" asked Angela Sanchez, 16.

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