Retired Nurse Tells Story of Friday Night Shooting

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A retired nurse just happened to be near the scene of Friday night's shooting. She had been visiting a scrapbooking store with friends, and the gunfire erupted, she took action.

Before retiring, Pam was a nurse for thirty years. She says she did the same thing anyone else with her training would do. When two people were hit by bullets, she went to help and stopped at the first injured person she found - the male victim.

When Pam approached the frightening scene, she says she hesitated because she didn't know if the shooter could still be there. But when a solitary police officer arrived, she approached the man on the ground.

With that officer, Pam says she performed CPR, opening the victim's airway. She held an IV bag when paramedics got there. And when the officer got tired from giving chest compressions, she took over. She says she had to pause for a moment before assisting the man, because training mandates that the individual giving CPR never put themselves in danger.

Amid the chaos, Pam says it's her CPR training that helped her know what to do. And although not everyone can be saved, CPR is something she says everyone needs to learn, because that training can make a difference in a situation you might never expect to find yourself in.