Mitchell Family Fund

Students at Lenz Elementary School will be taking part is a special event this Friday: To help the Mitchell family of south Reno. Earl Mitchell recently received a devastating diagnosis. In April doctors found a brain tumor approximately the size of two golf balls side-by-side. Doctors were only able to remove 98 percent of the growth and told Earl he may only have 14 months to live.

Overcoming the odds is nothing new to the Mitchell family. Their youngest daughter was born with serious health problems which kept her in and out of the hospital with surgeries and treatments. At ten months old, she received a liver transplant. In November she returned to the hospital to undergo brain surgery.

Now, as she experiences a brief period of good health - she and her sister are helping care for their father. Because of his condition Earl Mitchell may never return to work. So friends and neighbors have organized a fun run to help the Mitchell's with basic expenses. The fun run this Friday is only for students, but individuals who wish to make donations to help the family can do so at any Bank of America branch. Just ask to make your donation to the "Earl Mitchell Medical Fund".

The family says they are very grateful already for everything the community is done for them. They say there are no words that can fully express the love they feel.