Proposed Water Authority

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Lawmakers say before we know it our population could be 1.5 million, and if our rapid growth continues we'll run out of water. That's why Wednesday senators proposed SB487 to the Government Affairs Committee. It says that Northern Nevada would have it's own regional water authority.

While the mayor or Reno say right now our water supply is fine, we only have enough for about 6 hundred thousand people. Studies have shown that our population is growing at a rapid rate and our 20 year water supply could run out in 10 years.

Plans for a regional water authority have been in the works for 2 years. It would help look for other water sources, make sure all local governments work together, work with water conversation as well as make sure we are being efficient. There have been talks to consolidate Washoe Counties four water suppliers but for now, they wouldn't be going anywhere.

The water planning commissioner says they have a million dollar budget, and that money has already come from your water rates. But the Sparks and Reno mayor says no money to pay for this authority would come from the taxpayer.

Critics disagree and say the taxpayers would end up paying for the whole thing, and that we don't need a water authority our water supply is fine.

There has been no definitve vote made on this yet. The assembly committee is expect to talk more about this issue at a later date.