Overturned Tanker Closes Highway

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A gasoline tanker truck crashed and spilled hundreds of gallons of fuel Sunday on U.S. 50 in Carson City, shutting down the highway for more than three hours, authorities said. No one was injured.

Authorities said the truck jackknifed and a tanker with about 1,800 gallons of fuel ended up on its side. Two other tankers were empty.

"We're estimating between 800 to 900 gallons spilled along the roadway," said fire Battalion Chief Rich Chrzanowski.

"Luckily, in this situation he had dropped a majority of his delivery and he was in the process of making his last drop. He was almost empty," he said.

Traffic had to be rerouted around the crash scene in east Carson City near Deer Run Road until crews could clean up the site.

The cause of the 11 a.m. accident is under investigation.

"The driver thought there was some sort of mechanical malfunction," Chrzanowski said.