Nevada Laws Delay DUI Releases, Help Good Samaritans

Bills that would delay the release of DUI suspects and ensure that doctors who offer good-Samaritan services when delivering babies have legal protection were signed into law Monday by Gov. Jim Gibbons.

AB8 prevents DUI suspects from being released until they are below a 0.04 percent blood-alcohol level, or a 12-hour hold in the case of a driver under the influence of drugs.

Originally, the bill called for a 12-hour hold for all offenders. That language was amended after law enforcement representatives complained that it would burden already overcrowded jails. The 0.04 limit is the legal standard for drivers of trucks and other commercial vehicles.

AB4 would ensure immunity from lawsuits to obstetrician-gynecologists who volunteer to provide emergency delivery services. Most doctors already have such protection under the state's existing good Samaritan law, but a loophole left doctors who provide emergency obstetric care vulnerable.

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