Reno Tahoe International Airport Makeover

Five million people travel in and out of the Reno Tahoe International Airport every year, brining 3.2 billion dollars to our economy.

To accommodate all these travelers and help limit some of your travel headaches the airport will slowly be getting a make over.

Next spring you'll see a Hyatt hotel right across the street. It's a 6 story 127 room hotel.

In the next year you'll see a new control tower. The 26 million dollar tower will be completely funded by the federal government. A new tower is set to be built where the Brookside Golf Course used to be. The present tower is from the 1950's, and airport authorities say a taller, state of the air tower is needed. You'll also see an improvement in the ticket lobby. They are looking at moving the TSA Screening machines behind the ticket counter to give travelers more space.

The airport also has land up for sale in hopes that more private hangers take over. They say the demand for corporate and private jets is increasing.

Many of these projects are years away but the airport is thinking ahead to accommodate more and more travelers. They say the more people that travel to our area will help benefit everyone.