Gas Prices Rise Another Two Cents Overnight

Reno has reached a new record for gas prices. From Wednesday night to Thursday the price rose two cents. The average gas price came in at three dollars and thirty-four cents a gallon.

AAA says gas prices have been going up about 15 cents per month, that's 1/2 cent a day. At this rate it's very possible we could soon see them it the four dollar mark very soon. For drivers these prices are tough to swallow.

Steve Choman from Sparks says, "I'm dating myself but when I first started driving gas was $.24 cents and now it's $3.24 it's getting a little outrageous"

"It's making it more financially difficult to do other things," says driver Vicki Logan from Fernley.

There are things you can do to help save a few bucks at the pump. Keep your car well maintained, and don't put heavy things in the truck. This will help your car get better gas mileage. Also shop around for the best gas prices, saving a penny here or there will add up.