Son Not Satisfied With Coroner Ruling

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A coroner's ruling that Charles Augustine died of natural causes in 2003 hasn't been enough to convince Augustine's son.

Greg Augustine says he's troubled the Clark County coroner found traces of a chemical in his father's remains that could derive from the drug that prosecutors allege Chaz Higgs used to kill Nevada State Controller Kathy Augustine last summer.

The coroner acknowledges that tests found traces of the substance called succinylmonocholine in Charles Augustine's exhumed remains.

But he says there's no proof how the substance got there - and no proof it contributed to Charles Augustine's death at age 63.

Greg Augustine says that Chaz Higgs should not see the coroner's ruling as a vindication.

But that's what Higgs' lawyer David Houston calls it. He says Higgs has always maintained he had no responsibility for the death of Charles Augustine - and there's no longer any need to speculate.

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