Prescription Drug Price Comparison

CLICK HERE to view a price comparison of nine popular prescription drugs.

In her special report, "Drug Store Bargains," Terri Russell shows us prices can range dramatically depending upon the medication and where you get it.

If you have insurance you may not think these prices effect you. But in some cases, these prices may be less expensive than your co-pay.

Local resident Martha Gladue says she pays about $200 a month for her nine daily prescriptions. But soon her current insurance will run out, and that's when Martha will have to make some decisions.

Will she continue with the insurance she has now? Or change? What will the co-payment be? And will that insurance cover her specific medications?

One thing she does not want to give up is her pharmacy. And there's a good reason to stay with one pharmacy. There's a consistency of care and a greater chance to recognize possible drug interaction. But cost can be a consideration as well. And we found there can be quite a shift change between pharmacy to pharmacy and even pharmacies in the same chain.

We've chosen some of the most commonly prescribed medications. They range from a diabetes drug, blood pressure, allergy and anti-inflammatory medication.

We found for example thirty tabs of Metformin a diabetes drug goes for $9.09 at Costco. The same drug at Sak-n-Save will cost you $27.29. Detrol a brand name medication for overactive bladder can run anywhere from $110 at Sak n Save to $103 at Walgreens down to $94 at Wal-Mart and $88 at Costco.

If you are on medications we don't have to tell you it can call add up.

We took these same drugs and priced them all for a month's supply Rite Aid would come out as the most expensive, $611.92. Wal-Mart would be the second least expensive at $520.05. Costco comes out as the least expensive at $450.55.

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