Three Arrested For Juvenile Sexual Assault

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Police say the 12-year-old girl - who was a runaway - is recovering at home with her parents after being allegedly raped by two 15-year-old boys and 18-year-old Luis Baldovinez.

Investigators believe all the suspects are affiliated with a local gang.

Police say the young girl was found laying in the 1400-block of East Ninth Street on Wednesday morning. "She was found on the side of the road on a grassy area," says Sergeant Kim Bradshaw.

Bradshaw says the young girl was walking in this area when she met up with the three young men. "She drank a lot (and) became incapacitated and they took advantage of that," Bradshaw says.

Neighbors we spoke with say they didn't hear anything - but say they aren't surprised to learn about the alleged rape.

Other neighbors in the Hispanic community wouldn't comment on camera in fear of gang retaliation. But one man did say he was now concerned for his daughter's safety.

"I have a little girl seven-years-old. Not sure what could happen to her but this is something bad," says Benjamin Reyes.

Such an event is becoming all to common. Within the past month police have arrested eight people for juvenile sexual assault.

Investigators are still looking for witnesses and even possiblly more suspects. If you can help, you're asked to call the Reno Police Sex Crimes Unit at 325-8040.