Immigrant Marches

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The march began this morning at Miguel Rivera park, with the chant "Si se Puede," meaning, "Yes you can."

Protesters displayed signs reading, "I am your next doctor, teacher, professional dancer."

"We want to occupy all the jobs too. Someday we want to be professional singers, everything. We want to be American," said one protestor.

They marched through the streets of Reno, with a message to lawmakers, no to anti-immigration laws, no to the guest worker program, and no to divisions among racial lines.

"We are all immigrants, everyone in this country. We are all immigrants. Remember where your ancestors came from," said Lourdes Lopez, protestor.

Police say the protest was a peaceful one, but the traffic delays caused by thousands of immigrants did not go unnoticed. While motorists waited for them to pass, some grew angry at the message.

"They're here illegally, so they need to abide by the laws under our rights, not bring their own rights here to live by," said one anti-immigration citizen, Robin Rosario.

As marchers reached their downtown destination, they met words of encouragement.

"We are a people willing to learn the English language, willing to pay our taxes."

But just outside the crowd, one man stuck to his word.

"The people that are here illegally must go home to their nations of origin," said Gary.

One protestor retorted," At least we're trying. Even though a lot of people don't agree with us, we're still here."