Preventing Copper Thefts

They are always busy here at Solid Waste Reducation Services-- Crushing refrigerators or aluminum pieces. But these says the big money is in stainless steel, and copper. Once this bin is full, it would be worth about ten-thousand dollars. Which is why you'll get the legitimate customer here, as well as the illegitimate.

Steve Goldman is president of the Solid Waste Reduction Services and says he doesn't do business with thieves. "I don't want to deal with stolen material if they stole it from a legitimate business like I am I know the cost of doing business. I don't think its right that somebody is stealing my material and going to my competiton and selling it. And that's happened too.

Take a glance a Goldman's wide screen whch sits perched on his desk and you'll see just how serious he is about keeping his copper clean. There are more than half a dozen cameras stationed throughout his facility which can take customers' pictures and their license plates. Those selling the copper have to fill out forms and affidavits about where they got the metal as well as who they are. Every day's transactions are recorded and a copy is sent to Reno Police. While this is all pro-active, Goldman believes there is more that can be done.

"The problem, I've heard the problem is the scrap dealers. There are oly two in town and we are working very hard at stopping what we can. But the bottom line is we have to stop it at its source and that's the meth problem.

Reno police agree and recommend victims of copper theft take remnants of that theft to Solid Waste Reduction Services or Western Metals on Hymer Avenue in Sparks. The dealers will then be on alert should that stolen property arrive on their doorstep