Hillary's Visit to Reno

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Senator Hillary Clinton told an enthusiastic crowd in Reno today that she does not expect President Bush to pull US troops out of Iraq before he leaves office even though they are mired in a civil war where, in her words, "they're not even sure whose side they are fighting on."

The New York Democrat running for president spoke for about 45 minutes and answered questions for another 20 from the crowd of
more than 3,000 in the gym at Hug High School.

The audience came to its feet with a lengthy standing ovation when she told them they should be proud of the work Nevada Senator Harry Reid is doing to try to end the war.

Clinton said she wished she could tell them that she thinks President Bush will start listening to the will of the American people and change direction in Iraq.

But she says she doesn't think that will happen because Bush is
convinced he's right. She says the president believes that history will judge him to be right but she believes he is "woefully mistaken about that."

The former First Lady said the US should do more to require the Iraqi government to defend itself. She says it's their war and we cannot win it for them.

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