Washoe County to Crack Down on Flagrant Violators of Smoking Ban

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RENO (AP) - Washoe County health officials say they're preparing
to crack down on at least two businesses accused of being flagrant
violators of the state's tough, new smoking ban.
County health officer Bob Sack declined to identify the
businesses that might soon become the target of enforcement action,
but says they have been issued formal warning notices.
If health officials pursue a crackdown, Sack says, they will
meet with the District Attorney's Office to determine a precise
course of action in the next couple of weeks.
The Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act took effect in December, one
month after being approved by voters. It prohibits smoking in
nearly all public places, including grocery stores, restaurants and
bars that serve food. Casino floors are exempt.
Washoe officials said they're surprised at the county's high
level of compliance with the new regulations, which they put at
more than 90 percent. They have received about 200 complaints
concerning violations around Reno since December.

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