Owner Gives Back to Employees

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If you're in the market to buy a casino, now is your chance. The Silver Club in Sparks and Fernley's Truck Inn are just two of more than a dozen Nevada casino's that are on the market. Harold Holder of the Holder Hospitality Group says it's time to move on. While he could be adding more than 200 million dollars to his bank account, when this casino and 13 other ones are sold. Employee's say working at the Silver Club was like working with family and the reason is because Holder tired to reach out to every single person.

"I'm really proud of every employee and every job is necessary no matter what it is," said Holder.

Thursday Holder announced plans to sell his 14 Nevada casinos. It's more than a 200 million dollar deal, but holder doesn't want his employee's to walk away empty handed. He is saving 15 million just for them. He plans to divide it up based on how long each employee has worked for him.

" Plus if the new employer does not offer them a job equivalent or equal to the one they have now, I'll give them additional compensation"

" He gave us a 401 K that we had never had before. I've worked in bigger casino's and they never treated me like he did. He took care of us, said Silver Club worker Rick Zukovsky.

For the past seven years Holder has purchased casino's throughout the state. Among them is the Wigwam in Fernley and the Model T in Winnemucca. Holder is confident the new owners will continue to run the establishments as casino's and keep all his employee's on the payroll.

Holder says he plans to move to his hometown in Pensacola Florida. He also wants to spend more time with his family, but he won't be completely removed from doing business in Nevada. He still owns real estate properties in several different counties.