Rail City Drama

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The simmering controversy between the Sparks city attorney and some members of the City Council... apparently boiled over earlier this month.
The incident has now been made public in a police report.
Relationships at city hall have been strained since the Lazy 8 Casino project controversy.
They didn't improve when allegations of improper conduct with employees were leveled at City Attorney Chet Adams and the council ordered an investigation.
The boiling point apparently came with a city press release suggesting Adams had given misleading testimony at the legislature against a bill that would have made his office appointive rather than elective.
That led to a angry nose to nose confrontation outside city hall earlier this month.
According to a police report filed by Councilmen Ron Smith and Ron Schmitt...Adams screamed obscenities at both men.
He was upset and shaking.
I felt threatened...Schmitt told police...if Councilman Smith hadn't been there, Adams would have resorted to violence.
Schmitt added that he felt the city attorney was emotionally unstable and poses a possible threat to others.
Adding he was concerned Adams might be stalking him and his family....
Smith agrees with that account.
Smith says he thinks Adams' problems are self-inflicted, and he's sure if Adams had it to do over, he would have acted differently. He added the city can't dwell on the dispute, there's too much work to do.
Adams declined an on camera interview... but said except for an expletive attributed to him the account is accurate.
He says he simply got tired of what he called Schmitt's "behind the back business."
He admits the incident is a distraction, but says in spite of a personal vendetta against him...he is not out of control and his office continues to do the city's business.
He added neither councilman had anything to fear from him that day nor now.