Dangers of Methamphetamine

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Authorities say the cold hard hitting fact about Methamphetamine is that all it takes is one high before you can become an addict. That's why the University of Nevada Reno hosted a Meth symposium with local law enforcement Thursday evening. Authorities wanted to stress to our young people that chasing that high day in and day out could cost you your life.
Student Morgan Mazemain talked about a personal experience with Meth.

" She took Meth and decided to drive but she didn't make it,"

Mazemain's friend was just 19 year old when she died, in a single car crash. This example is just one of hundreds, of people who have tragically died while on Meth. Authorities say 12.6 % of students in the Washoe County School District are abusing the drug. Authorities say last year Nevada lead the nation with the highest number of kids age 12 or older who abused Meth. For family and friends who have loved ones trapped in a spiral of drugs that hurt is hard to swallow.

" It can change not only your whole life but it also hurts the people around you," says 16 year old Evy Young.

" It's something you never forget about when you have had someone steal your money, your property all for a drug when you've been there for them their whole life emotionally it kills you inside," says Alyshia Torres.

The federal government also says Nevada leads the nation in the highest number of people who have ever used Meth in their lifetime.

That's why authorities say it's never to early to start to talk to your kids about Meth.