Capital City Residents Clean Up

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In many ways, Carson City is still a small town. But graffiti vandalism, a crime once considered a big city problem, has also become an issue there. Now residents are coming together to clean it up.

Community Pride Week begins in Carson City on Sunday. But the occasion was already marked the day residents painted to beautify the community and discourage gang activity. That action was to paint and cover graffiti. Gangs often leave it behind and Carson City residents say, it's all over town.

Before painting, volunteers gathered in Mills Park, and marched about a mile and a half. Marchers were encouraged to wear white as they made their way to Saliman and Fairview to a building that bears the scars of graffiti, and the mismatched patches of paint used to cover it. Their paint the wall one uniform color.

It's a community where even the young people take pride, stretching and even getting some help to make a difference. Each child had their own job. Eighty gallons of paint were donated for the event. For some, painting was a way to let gangs know people will fix whatever vandalism they leave. And for others it was about revitalizing Nevada's capital city.

In the end...stands a wall that's just one color. Even the kids know it's more than just painting, it's improving the place they too call home. The graffiti clean-up was organized in part by the Carson City Community Coalition...the group that formed to combat gang activity late last year.

Joe Harrington, KOLO 8 News