Improved Mass Communications for UNR?

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Did UNR Officials act quickly notify students and faculty of Thursday night's scare that shut down campus and led to building evacuations?

In the wake of that precautionary lock-down, most students say yes. But Campus Police add...they can always improve.

Now law enforcement will be testing a new messaging system right here in Reno, to improve communications in case of emergencies.

University Police Chief Adam Garcia has been compiling ideas on how to keep his students safe...a text messaging alert system is one of those ideas and students agree this could help them be better informed when there is danger. Student Falon Foster thinks text messaging is a better method to reach more people, than other media.

"A larger number of people would be able to hear about the situation versus radio or TV," Foster says.

Here's how the system would register your cell phone number and request to be notified about different events...such as a shooting or a fire, in specific areas.

And while many are supportive of this idea, some Edith Garzon...don't think this type of system would help them out in case of an emergency.

"I would never open the message, and I don't know if it would be useful to me. I don't know how to use text messaging," Garzon says.

This text messaging system wouldn't be the only option for mass-telecommunication. Right now the university has several emergency programs in place. When campus was closed Thursday night, mass emails were sent out.

Campus Police are also thinking about installing a campus P.A. System, adding phones to classrooms, and a reverse 9-1-1 system for cell phones, instead of sending a mass text message.

University Officials also want to hold training sessions for students, in the event they are a part of a violent situation.

Carolyn Evert Reporting