UNR Classes Resume Today

Classes resumed on Friday at the University of Nevada, Reno, after being canceled while officials looked for a former student who made what his family felt were threatening remarks referencing the Virginia Tech shootings.

Michael James Sheriff, 27, was arrested without incident around 10:15 p.m. in Carson City on a probation violation related to a conviction for carrying a concealed weapon.

The search for Sheriff had intensified after he allegedly sent a text message to a relative saying "the Korean is my hero," apparently referring to the gunman who killed 32 people at Virginia Tech, Reno police said. He also allegedly told another relative Wednesday that he would be unavailable for the next few days because he would be on a "mission," police said.

Authorities noted that no specific threat or target was made. Investigators recovered an empty gun holster from his home. Family members contacted authorities expressing concern about Sheriff, who they said served in the Iraq war and had been treated for post traumatic stress disorder and mental illness, police said. They told police that Sheriff had shown anger and frustration with those he felt were unappreciative of his efforts and service to his country.

University officials e-mailed students late Thursday afternoon announcing they canceled classes as a precaution. Some 82 buildings
were emptied by nightfall.

"No direct threat to the campus has been made, but this situation must be taken seriously," officials said in a statement.

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