Reid says Bush, Cheney Isolated in Iraq Thinking

Senator Harry Reid says the president and vice president are isolated in their thinking about the war in Iraq and are failing the troops and the country.

The Nevada Democrat's remarks came as President Bush urged Congress to extend the war without calling troops home. He said Democratic leaders owe it to veterans and their families to pass the war spending bill the president wants.

Reid says he will not back off from calling on Bush to sign the bill drafted by Republicans.

Their comments today came before the massacre unfolded on the Virginia Tech campus.

Reid said Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney refuse to listen to or acknowledge voices other than their own.

Cheney says Democrats will pass a bill that funds the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan without any troop withdrawal timetables because they do not have the votes to override the veto Bush has promised for any bill that includes drawing troops home.

Bush is scheduled to meet with Democratic leaders on Wednesday.

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