Sparks City Council opposes Yucaa rail route

Transporting nuclear waste by rail to Yucca Mountain through Reno and Sparks could adversely affect tourism in the area even if there never is an accident.

That was the message the Sparks City Council heard Monday from Bob Loux, the executive director of Nevada's Agency for Nuclear Projects.

Loux urged the council to help put pressure on he Walker River Paiute Tribe to rescind its invitation for the US government to study impacts of use of a rail line near Hawthorne necessary for the route through Reno-Sparks to materialize.

Loux says the tribe owns the line from Wabuska to Hawthorne so they pretty much are in control. He said, quoting now, "This would by and large not be occurring if the tribe would tell them `No."'

Sparks Mayor Geno Martini says the council will express it's opposition to the plans in a letter to the tribe. He also announced today that the US Energy Department has agreed to hold a public hearing on the plans in Sparks but that a date has not been set.

A spokesman for the tribe told The Associated Press that the only person authorized to comment on the matter was tribal chairwoman Gina Williams and that she had left for the day.

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