Protecting Pets from Traps

A citizens' group, concerned after at least two dogs became caught in traps around Reno this past winter, is pressing state wildlife officials to prohibit trapping within 200 feet of designated hiking trails.

Leaders of the group TrailSafe say the Nevada Board of Wildlife
Commissioners will be petitioned to take the action when it meets May 11th and 12th in Reno.

Department of Wildlife Chief of Game Russ Mason says the proposal appears reasonable and could take effect before the next trapping season begins in November.

Existing regulations prohibit traps from being set within 200 feet of any public road or highway, but make no mention of hiking trails.

Joel Blakeslee of the Nevada Trappers Association says his group is willing to give the proposal consideration.

The issue surfaced after two dogs became caught in bobcat traps in December and January around Galena Creek Regional Park just south of Reno. The dogs were freed unharmed.

The incidents on US Forest Service land were linked to the same licensed trapper, who later removed the traps.

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