7-Election Helps Predict Presidential Election Results

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RENO, Nev. - The November presidential election may still be weeks away, but 7-Eleven is getting a jump start on the election.

States across the nation have created unscientific ways to predict the outcome of this year's election.

Here in Reno, we had the Presidential Pig Race back in August and now 7-Eleven wants in on the action too.

The convenience store is holding their "7-Election." Customers will be able to cast their vote in by simply purchasing either a red or blue custom cup (to represent the competing parties) with their morning cup of Joe. There is a green cup for customers who are unsure or are "on the fence" about their vote.

Unlike the real ballot, if customers change their minds or pick the wrong colored cup, they can go back and change it.

"We just had it happen a few minutes ago. They picked up the wrong candidate and immediately threw the cup in the trash. So it's ok to take a look, decide you want and make your statement," Dorothy Calypool, Sierra Nevada 7-Eleven Marketing Consultant said.

7-Eleven says the "7-Election", done every four years, has mirrored the actual Presidential elects in the last three election cycles.

So far, President Obama pulls ahead early at 60 percent, while Republican candididate Romney is at 40 percent in the national polls.

Locally, it's still very close. President Obama is still ahead at 58 percent and Romney is a 48 percent.

The "7-Election" lasts until election day.