Daily Commute Gets Tougher

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For those who travel the McCarran bridge over Highway 395 on a daily basis... your commute just got a little more difficult.
Already a hotbed of construction and conjestion... commuters and construction workers suffered another set-back. Engineers discovered a fairly major hole at the inside edge of the eastbound lane.
One traffic engineer told NewsCHasnnel 8, "As traffic loads were put on it, it's an old structure, we encountered some problem with deck cracking which we need to address."
NDOT engineers we're called in this morning to assess the damage. In the meantime... the hole has been covered with a steel plate... and the lane has been closed. Just another inconvienance... in what promisses to be a long hot summer of construction. In may job of tearing down the old bridge begins in earnest.
"We're working on the south side first. Taking down the bridge and widening it... and then we'll shift traffic over to the new bridge... and tear down the north side", an NDOT sporesman said.