Republicans Hold Thin Edge Over Democrats

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Republicans continue to hold a thin lead over Democrats as statewide voter registration numbers edge toward the 900,000 mark.

As of the end of March, 360,503 Republicans had registered to vote versus 351,813 Democrats. Nonpartisan registration stood at 131,980.

The total number of registered voters stood at 872,632, up 17,810 from the end of February.

"As the 2004 election draws nearer, we continue to hear that Nevada will be one of the so-called `battleground states' that could decide the presidential race," Secretary of State Dean Heller said.

"Each party, both at the state and national level, is working aggressively to increase the number of registered voters."

Democrats seemed to be a little more aggressive in March, adding 8,134 voters to their ranks while Republicans gained 5,387. Independents grew by 2,695.

There were 17,942 Independent Americans registered at the end of March, 4,956 Libertarians, 1,251 Greens, 902 Natural Law, 194 Reform and 1,791 listed as other.

Democrats continued to prevail in Clark County, along with White Pine and Mineral.

In Clark County, where Democrats held a 240,364-207,973 edge, Democrat Rep. Shelley Berkley's District 1 was solidly Democrat, 107,321-73,919. Republican Jon Porter's District 3 was 127,520-126,675 Republican. The second district, held by Rep. Jim Gibbons, R-Nev., and encompassing the rest of Nevada, plus a small part of Clark County, was 159,006-117,794 Republican.

Democrats led in White Pine County registrations, 2,066-1,699 and in Mineral County, 1,122-816.

In Washoe County, Republicans held the edge, 86,840-70,141.

Republicans were a 2-1 majority in Douglas County (11,712-5,335) and were close in Elko (9,995-5,089), Churchill (6,621-3,128), Humboldt (2,672-1,562) and Lyon (9,126-5,923). Carson City was 10,931-7,257 Republican.


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