Pleasant Valley Fire

A wildland fire in the Pleasant Valley area south of Reno is sending a plume of smoke high into the air that's clearly visible from the Reno-Sparks area.

The size is estimated at about 75 acres and there's no wind to cause the flames to spread. It's 70 percent contained and no homes are nearby and the fire is far enough from the US 395 freeway it's not causing a traffic problem.

Two firefighters suffered minor injuries -- one with a twisted back and another with heat stress.

The fire is well south of the geothermal plant south of the Mount Rose highway and near the Galena bridge that's under construction.

It's burning near rocks, so hand crews are the primary defense. About 150 people are on the scene. There are 15 engines and two dozers.

It's labeled as human-caused, but there are no specifics.