Residents Enjoying Downtown Reno Again

Swanky new clubs & lounges, family-friendly drug stores, and numerous condo projects have recently popped up in parts of the once-rundown westside of downtown Reno.

New businesses are springing up everywhere, and it's changing the way some downtown residents feel about heading out after dark.

Dick Beaver, who lives downtown, said: “We don’t even think about it. We go out for walks on the river, we walk down here, we wander downtown and don’t even think about danger or problems.”

Beaver and his family aren’t the only ones.

The owner of Divine Ultra Lounge wanted to erase the stigma of the river’s bordering blocks.

“When I was a kid, you didn’t want to go downtown. It wasn’t the place to be. It wasn’t safe," said Ryan Leverty, owner of Divine Ultra Lounge. "I decided Reno needed something a little more exciting, a little more sheik, a little more upscale.”

The quest to be ‘upscale’ isn’t just appealing to business owners. Pricey condos and high rises are also filling up with incoming downtowners. Plus, the ability to grab a bit to eat outside of the casinos is a welcome change for some.

“This is what Reno needed," said Rob Wuerfel, executive chef of Imperial Lounge. "A lot of people are really excited about it. It’s really nice to have all these businesses so close so we all feed off each other.”

Some downtown residents say with all of the new condos going up, the only thing missing downtown is a supermarkeafter.