High Tech License Plates Unveiled

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The plates are being digitally produced...meaning the graphics are better, and the plates will be a flat piece of aluminum.
"Before, we would buy the sheeting all with one plate at a time in order to produce the plates. we'd run into the problem of stockpiling the sheeting," a Department of Motor Vehicles spokesman said.
But, with the digital technology it can be a different plate everytime. producing two of one design or three of another. DMV officials say there is a lot more flexibility."
Starting with the specialty plates, the DMV will save about 40-cents a plate.
That goes a long way when you're mass producing hundreds of thousands of these a year.
Now, the most obvious difference you'll see with the old versus the new is the old is rough while the new is nice and smooth.
With an annual budget of one-point-two million dollars to produce license plates...the DMV figures it will save about 60-thousand dollars a year, money that state leaders say will go back into the highway fund...to help repair Nevada's roads and other projects.
If you want to find out more about Nevada specialty license plate, go to the links tab and click on www.dmvnv.com.