Early Allergy Season

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If you're allergies are acting up earlier than normal this year, you're not alone. Doctors say if you are suffering right now the reason is the trees. If grass is what makes you sneeze, just wait a month. Then soon after if you hate tumbleweed be prepared. In other words an early start to the allergy season means we are going to have a very long allergy season.

"Living around here you get used to it, it's just something you learn to deal with, said Eric Wacker who suffers from allergies"

Doctors say record setting temperatures this spring means pollen started spreading into the sunshine about a month earlier than normal.

" Elk Trees and Ash Trees are all coming out a bit early this year, because of the warmer weather. We have also gotten enough water so it looks like we will have a lot of pollen, said Dr. Boris Lokshin.

The recent cold spell may have helped you feel relief but it's not forever.

" The cold,warm,cold,warm weather really gets to me and then with the hot temperatures coming up it's going to be really bad," says Loretta Cuddy who suffers from allergies.

Kelsee George also suffers from allergies she says, " it's frustrating when i'm in class and sneezing and the teacher is lecturing "

Right now doctors say tree pollen is currently at a moderate level. Which means if trees cause you to sneeze you are probably not feeling your best. As for relief doctors say besides taking medicine there are actually a couple of things you can do to help ease your symptoms. They suggest using your air condition to help keep the pollen out of your house. Also if you have trouble sleeping at night you might want to try washing your hair. Pollen get can caught in it.