Pine Teacher Gets Hero Award

The gym teacher who helped disarm a 14-year-old boy in a shooting at a Reno middle school last spring has been named the Red Cross Hero of the Year for northern Nevada.

Jenice Fagan was preparing to teach her gym class at Pine Middle
School when shots rang out in the hallway on that morning of March

She ran out to find James Scott Newman with a .38 caliber pistol that he'd already used to shoot a pair of classmates - one in the arm and chest and another who was hit in the leg by shrapnel.

Both victims recovered from their injuries but it could have been much worth had Fagan not been able express empathy with Newman and persuade him to put the gun on the floor. When he did, Fagan immediately bear-hugged him until more staff arrived.

Police said at the time Fagan had de-escalated a very dangerous situation. She says she believes anybody in the same situation would have done what she did.

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