Technology in the Classroom: Grade D

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With just a few clicks of a mouse the world can be at a student's fingertips. But when it comes to giving Nevada school-kids, the high-tech tools they need to succeed in the classroom the Silver State, only earns a grade of D.

A recent report says only 37 % of Nevada students have access to a computer in the classroom, but that number may not accurate here in Washoe County. A district official says nearly all local schools have at least one computer in each classroom and that computer use is a regular part of the day from kindergarten to high school.

" We do computer stuff with her now and she's only 2. Without computer's you're helpless, says parent Sabrina Foley.

Teachers also say it's never too early to start using technology.

"Young children can learn problem solving skills and using the computer helps with their attention span, says Educator Susan Barnett.

Since computer technology is part of everyday life most see the need for using it in school

" Mostly everything we our doing these days are with computers they are important to help our youth in the future, says Stephanie Buchanan from Reno.

" Computers are easier, faster and less sloppy, says 6th grader Miguel Ruiz

But some parents see computers as a crutch.

" They are using calculators and all that and don't know how to do basic math, so i'm kind of against computers in the class room. We don't really need them, says parent, Charity Forest.