Utah Murder Suspect Found Dead in Utah

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A suspect on Utah's most wanted list was found shot dead near the Nevada-Utah line in what authorities believe was a suicide.

Elko County Sheriff Neil Harris said a highway patrol officer was responding to a different accident when he came upon the stolen vehicle in which 27-year-old Phokham Keomanivong was found dead Saturday.

Harris told KELK radio that Keomanivong was shot in the head and in the leg, adding investigators believe the leg wound was caused by a reflex reaction.

He said both the car and the weapon used were reported stolen from Wendover.

The Utah man was apparently wanted by authorities there for the last 10 years for the murder of a 16-year-old fast food worker from Midvale, Utah, the sheriff said. Nicholas Dirkson was allegedly killed in an argument over a stereo.

According to Utah authorities, Keomanivong was a member of the Oriental Posse Gang who had been profiled on the television crime show, "America's Most Wanted."

There was also a $15,000 reward offered for his capture.