Birth Control Costs Skyrocket

The student pharmacy up here at the U-N-R campus says prescriptions for birth control pills are the most filled of any other medication.

In the past a one months supply would cost 20-dollars..but by the beginning of next semester, all brands will cost students three times more...or 60-dollars a month.

Rachel Gattuso a UNR Senior says the new prices are unrealist:" when you are talking about students that are living pay check to paycheck, you've got work obligations, school obligations, not to mention, homework and family and social obligations. To fork out that much cash definitley is something that is a hardship for students."

Another Senior, Domnique Pacheco says if the goal was to stop sexual activity on campus, its probably not going to work. " I don't think it is going to stop people from doing what they are doing. I just think they are going to go somewhere else to find something cheaper."

While most of the students we talked to said the cost increase was outrageous...they don't believe most women will go without birthcontrol. Planned Parenthood isn't as optimistic.
Alison Gaulden Vice President for \Planned Parenthood Public Affairs says "Certainly there may be in an increase in condom use. But there is also an efficacy rate of condoms. User error is a problem. What we recommend is, if that is the method they are going to use is to get emergency contraception as backup and that is now over the counter."

Gaulden says the increase is part of the federal deficit reduction act. As a backup she says Planned Parenthood is still available to women who can't afford college prices. Her agency charges 17-dollars per cycle. But she's worried what kind of demand is out there, and if the agency can ultimately fill that demand. Right now she says there are more than 120,000 Nevada women who can't afford birth control the new price increased are only going to make that number blossom.