Fire Hydrant Testing May Cause Cloudy Water

The Reno Fire Department will be testing fire hydrants throughout the City of Reno and in the unincorporated area of the Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District throughout the spring months.

Testing often results in temporary clouding of nearby residential and
commercial water supplies for a short period of time. Debris in water mains can be stirred up including broken off pieces of scale, gravel and other materials, much of which is "blown out" during high pressure water flows through fire hydrants. If residents find water discolored or cloudy, they should not drink it until it clears up. Running the cold water tap usually decreases the time it takes to clear the cloudiness.

In addition to hydrant testing, Reno firefighters also check to
make sure a 15-foot clearance is maintained along the street facing the
fire hydrants as required in the Reno Municipal Code to provide adequate room for easy coupling of hoses, turning of hydrant wrenches and related activities during fire emergencies.

Obstruction or use of fire hydrants by other than Reno Fire Department personnel without an appropriate permit is prohibited by code which makes it a misdemeanor violation punishable by a fine of up to $500.00, and or imprisonment of up to six months in jail.