Montreux Murders: 1 Year Later

A double-murder in Montreux that shocked the community remains unsolved. But despite the fact that investigators have no leads, the victims haven't been forgotten.

A year after Albert and Joan Musalo were killed their deaths remain just as much a mystery as they did then.

The gate at Montreaux still opens only to those with reason to be here just as it did last March. A year ago residents here may have felt a little more safe than most. Certainly from what we know of them...Albert and Joan Musalo had no reason to fear. The retired flight engineer and his wife had moved here 2 years before to be closer to 2 of their children. They were in good health and planning a trip to visit family members back east.

On March 28th of last year, their daughter Joanne Kohl tried to reach her parents to invite them to dinner. Getting no response she decided to check on them and found them murdered, by whom and for what reason was a mystery then and now.

Initially investigators followed a number of tips and leads. But without an apparent motive to focus their efforts, to this day, detectives have not said they've been able to identify any serious suspects.

As the months ticked by the family, frustrated by the lack of progress, offered their own reward, then increased it. It now stands at $35 thousand dollars in addition to that offered by Secret Witness.