Are You Covered?

A day after a brush fire spread and destroyed this home on Solari Drive...its now become kind of a tourist attraction, many people drove by today looking at the damage, and no doubt wondering what they would do should the same thing happen to them...

Ask next door neighbor eddie parco whose home was damaged yesterday, and you'll get an answer like this.
" When this happens you don't think straight, you know, you have got a hundred million things going through your mind. There is no way no way at all you can figure out how to do something one two three, its just do."

Today Parco already has crews helping repair the holes in his walls and ceiling... we talked to him and he says he was just starting to deal with his insurance company.
He says he's skeptical, and when you talk to an insurance agent, there's good reason to be.
\Matthew Price a State Farm Insurance Agent says you might be surprised by the lack of coverage in our area. "Many homes in our area are under-insured many people aren't keeping with replacement costs of houses."

Price says after fires like yesterday's his office tends to get a lot of call from homeowners checking on their policies. He says that's a good thing. Homeowners often don't update their insurance annually...let a couple of years laps you could run into trouble replacing upgrades you've made to your home.

Price says policy holders need to know insurance will cover replacement costs....not market price of the home.
If you run a business out of your home....if you have something of exceptional value,,,additional policies made need to be drawn up to make sure you can recover some of those costs.