Bill attempts to open meetings by Tax Commission

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CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) - Nevada lawmakers are considering a bill
that limits a public entity's ability to hold closed meetings, a
response to a 2005 closed-door vote by the state Tax Commission to
grant a 40 (m) million-dollar tax refund to Southern California
The measure requires that meetings can only be closed when
confidential information is discussed, and not when any
deliberation, vote or action is taken.
Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley says the public is entitled to
transparency in government.
Attorney Thomas "Spike" Wilson, representing the Tax
Commission, says there are exceptions to the state's open meeting
law, including one that gives taxpayers the right to request
closure of a commission hearing that involves them.
The Tax Commission contends that limiting public disclosure
prevents release of confidential information that could give a
business competitor an unfair advantage.

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