Winter Road Conditions

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The calendar may say "spring" but cold winter weather is back Tuesday morning.

Monday night snow & slush found it's way to mountain roads and rain to the valley floor. That means crews worked throughout the night to make sure your morning commute is a safe one.

" Right now with it snowing as hard as it is we don't salt as much, we just keep the accumulation off the road," says N-Dot worker Kenny Green.

Green is just one worker who attacked this storm Monday night. While crews have been preparing for the past few days it appears travelers haven't. Green has already seen several spin outs.

" Watch out for black ice, snow squalls, make sure your car is in good order with snow tires, says N-Dot District Engineer
Thor Dyson.

Even if some of neighbors weren't expecting the storm... some are more than happy to have the flakes are falling again.

" i love it, hoping to ski more and we need the water," says Dan Glenn from Reno.

" I kinda want summer but i'm a skier so i like it," said Reno resident Jeff Rancl.

Whether you like the snow or not to help make your morning commute a safe one, it's always good to check the road conditions before you head out the door. For Nevada roads, just dial 5-1-1. For California roads, the number is 1-800-gas-road.