Pigeons Ruining Tourism?

VIRGINIA CITY (AP) - Officials are trying to scare away a large
flock of pigeons before the birds drive away tourists in the
historic mining town of Virginia City.

Susan Sutton of the Virginia City Convention and Tourism
Authority says the pigeons that roost on the roof of the town's
visitor center pose a health hazard as well as a threat to the
tourist experience.

Storey County Commissioner Greg "Bum" Hess says the pigeons
also are eating small particles off the roof of the historic
Crystal Bar, which houses the visitor center.

To shoo the birds away, officials are considering a plan to
place speakers on the roof that transmit a high-pitched sound that
pigeons don't like.

Officials also are seeking cooperation from local residents
accused of causing the flock to grow by feeding the birds.

Located about 25 miles southeast of Reno, Virginia City became a
major 19th century city after discovery of one of the world's
richest silver veins there. Its wealth paved the way for Nevada's
statehood and helped build San Francisco.