Health Care Forum

LAS VEGAS (AP) - John Edwards says he will definitely stay in
the presidential race, trying to reassure voters and donors that he
can handle the dual pressure of the campaign and his wife's cancer

At a Democratic presidential forum focused on health care today
in Las Vegas, Edwards pressed his rivals to provide a detailed plan
to cover the nation's uninsured - estimated at about 47 (m) million
- and describe how they will pay for it.

His chief competitors, Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack
Obama, did not rule out the possibility that they would follow his
lead with a plan requiring a tax increase, but they provided no

The forum was sponsored by the Service Employees International
Union and the Center for American Progress Action Fund, a
Washington-based policy group.

It came two days after Edwards announced that the breast cancer
that his wife thought she had beaten had returned, this time in her
bone. He pointed out his wife, Elizabeth, sitting in the front row,
and said they both understand that dealing with their personal
struggle will require "a focus and a maturity."