Pseudoephedrine Sales

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This allergy season, you're no longer able to just pick up some "Sudafed" off the store shelves. Any pills made with Ephedrine or Pseudephedrine are now being kept behind the pharmacy counter. But one doctor would like to see the rules, even tougher.

"The pseudoephedrine should be be by prescription there are few problems but for patients that are not healthy and not so young, there are a lot of potential problems with it, said Allergy Doctor Leonard Shapiro.

That's why doctors like this new restriction because it might encourage patients used to trying a cold remedy, to pay them a visit instead.

"I don't think it will impact for the will be good for them to go to the doctor," said Dr. Shapiro.

Sudophed is also a popular allergy relief medicine, which many people say they use when they can't get to the doctor. But now access to it is restricted, and for some people having to ask a pharmacists for their Sudophed is unnecessary burden.

" If you have an allergy and want the relief i don't see why you can't do that, Said Anna Atencio from Reno

" it's inconvenient. Sudophed used to be for allergies specially during spring time so it's kinda a hassle, says Bob Tucker from Sparks.

The law is not designed to keep you from getting allergy relief, but to make to it harder for drug dealers to buy ingredients for Methamphetamine, and hopefully cut back on the amount of Meth that hits the streets.

" i have worked with numerous adolescent that have abused over the counter drugs, replied Kim Frankes from Reno

" if it's that easy to make at your kitchen sink then yes...have your doctor make it a prescription, says John Arrowood from Reno.

The amount of Sudophed you can purchase now is also limited. You can only buy one or two boxes at a time depending on the store. If you need the medicine you also have to give the pharmacist your name, address, and also show ID.